Jamie Reeb

Jamie Reeb


920 SW 6th Ave, Ste 260 Portland, OR 97204

As a Financial Professional with Voya Financial Advisors, Jamie has built a practice centered on the guiding principles of trust, integrity and dedication. Jamie performs an objective review of all aspects of her client’s finances, which provides them with much more clarity about how to meet their financial goals.

Jamie has worked in the Financial Services field for 15 years and holds the Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant designation with Snow Fed seminars. After finishing her Business degree at Yavapai College, she is furthering her education at WSU in Vancouver, WA.

Jamie and her husband, Leonard, reside in Washougal, WA, but both were born and raised in Woodstock, IL. She has three children and is active in many volunteer programs in the area and serves on the board of the NW Botanical Gardens.


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