Jason E. Richert

10655 NE 4th St., Ste. #300 Bellevue, WA 98004

Jason Richert comes from a 15-year career in technology showing success within large corporations and boutique consulting firms alike. After the birth of his daughter, he spread his entrepreneurial wings by becoming a distributor of health products while enjoying his daughter’s early years working at home. Jason has a unique perspective having spent five years as a client of Voya Financial Advisors prior to eventually joining the team.

His passion for technical data shows in his holistic analysis and plan design, but it is his desire to help and provide value to his clients that makes Jason a very driven individual. With specific focus around technology workers and families, Jason has helped numerous clients target, define, and plan for their financial future. His personal history with compensation plan analysis, hiring bonuses and incentives, and strategies for vesting stock programs (such as options, RSU’s and stock grants) provides his client base with a trusted confidant with the necessary knowledge to help advise them. Jason’s philosophy is that properly educated clients make informed choices that fit their goals, capabilities and dreams. He strives to impart all the information necessary to assist his clients in making financial decisions they can be proud of.