Our Firm

WestStar exists to be the strategic partner for our adviser's growth and development. Our commitment is to provide the leadership, scale and efficiency needed to for our representatives to develop successful advisory practices. The end result is an exceptional client experience, through an educated and experienced advisor supported by WestStar and its vast resources and capabilities. We are advocates for our advisers and through them, for their clients.

WestStar Financial Group is an aligned distribution agency with the Individual Life Sales Channel at Voya Financial and an office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) for Voya Financial Advisors, Inc., the Broker Dealer.

With the backing of a Fortune 500 company that has a vision to be America's Retirement Company®, Voya Financial Advisors has a distinct advantage that helps you. The distinctive Orange Money® advertising and innovative campaigns behind the Voya name provide our advisors with a unique opportunity to talk with clients about our brand promise and the value of holistic advice in helping them prepare for retirement.

WestStar offers personal service from a team of professionals located in the Pacific Northwest. Our job is to help you manage expectations, keep you abreast of issues in an atmosphere of change and make sure you always understand the nature of the changes before they can become a problem for you or your business. We can offer you an independent or a career track in the sale of Voya Life Insurance and Annuity Company products. WestStar Professionals have the knowledge, experience & tools to help you streamline your Life & Annuity sales giving you the best possibility of success. Highly competitive compensation structure, a deferred compensation program and a recognition and rewards program, to acknowledge and compensate our financial professionals for a job well done. You can be independent but not alone. Whether you are considering switching Broker Dealers or not, you owe it yourself and your business to consider us TODAY.